Created for expats living in Japan

Living in Japan

Introduction to Japanese culture, government, language, child care, and other elements of Japanese life.

Age Restrictions in Japan: Drinking, Smoking, Voting & More
Gas Stations in Japan - How to fill up
Registering or Changing Your Address in Japan
What is Japan My Number Card?
Traffic Rules in Japan
How online learning is revolutionizing education
What to Expect When Attending a Japanese Funeral
History of Tokyo
Catching A Taxi in Japan
What is White Day in Japan?
Art, Music, Sports Classes for Children in Tokyo
Setsubun: Welcoming Spring with Ogres, Beans, and Sushi
Japanese Kotatsu: Staying Warm in Winter
Yearly Activities and Events in Japanese Public Schools
What You Should Know about Japanese Public School Customs
Enrolling in a Japanese public school and materials you need to prepare
International Islamic Schools for Muslim Children in Tokyo
Public Schools in Tokyo - English and Japanese Language Support
What are shinto offerings?
Train Etiquette in Japan: What to Expect as a Foreigner
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