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Information on Japanese traditional culture, Japanese customs, cross-culture, manners, Japanese cultural lessons, etc. for foreigners living in Japan.

Art, Music, Culture, Dance Classes in English in Tokyo
Osaka vs Tokyo - What are the differences?
What to Expect When Attending a Japanese Funeral
History of Tokyo
What is White Day in Japan?
Setsubun: Welcoming Spring with Ogres, Beans, and Sushi
Japanese Kotatsu: Staying Warm in Winter
Prayer Offering Manners at Shrines and Temples in Japan
What are shinto offerings?
Japanese New Year's Decorations: Culture, Traditions, Religion
Japanese New Year Traditions
Nengajo – New Year’s Cards
What is Mottainai? The Japanese Meanings and Expressions
Geisha Dinner Experience in Tokyo
Wadaiko: The Summer Rhythm and Movements of Taiko in Japan
Welcoming the Obon Holiday: Exploring Japanese Tradition
A Guide to Tatami Mats
Hanko/Inkan: A Guide to the World of Japanese Signature Seals
Exploring Ikebana, The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging
Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) classes in Tokyo
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