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Information on Japanese traditional culture, Japanese customs, cross-culture, manners, Japanese cultural lessons, etc. for foreigners living in Japan.

Japanese Honorifics and Their Meanings Explained
Etiquette Guide: Why Do You Take Off Your Shoes in Japan?
The Story Behind “Washi”, Japan’s Traditional Handmade Paper
Restaurant Etiquette in Japan: How to Avoid Serious Mistakes
Chopstick Etiquette in Japan : DOs and DON'Ts
The Seven Lucky Gods of Japan: Who Are Shichifukujin?
What is Sakaki and How Is It Used in Japan?
Eating Outside in Japan: Know the Rules, Avoid a Food Fight
Japanese National Holiday Calendar
What is Mottainai? The Japanese Meanings and Expressions
Sustainable Lifestyles in Edo and Japanese History
Art, Music, Culture, Dance Classes in English in Tokyo
Osaka vs Tokyo - What are the differences?
What to Expect When Attending a Japanese Funeral
History of Tokyo
What is White Day in Japan?
Setsubun: Welcoming Spring with Ogres, Beans, and Sushi
Japanese Kotatsu: Staying Warm in Winter
Prayer Offering Manners at Shrines and Temples in Japan
What are shinto offerings?
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