Created for expats living in Japan

Living in Japan

Introduction to Japanese culture, government, language, child care, and other elements of Japanese life.

Best Japanese Learning Apps - from beginners to advanced levels
How Hard Is It to Learn Japanese? A Look at Why It's So Complex
Learning Japanese for Free: Great Online Tools
Art, Music, Culture, Dance Classes in English in Tokyo
Osaka vs Tokyo - What are the differences?
Driving on Japan’s Highways and Toll Roads
Japan Traffic Violations: Demerit Point System & Ticket Colors
Parking in Japan: What to Know before Getting on the Road
Driving Stickers in Japand
Japan's National Pension System
English-Speaking Chauffeur Service Providers in Tokyo
Drivers License in Japan
Japanese Driver's License Classifications & Their Meanings
Age Restrictions in Japan: Drinking, Smoking, Voting & More
Gas Stations in Japan - How to fill up
How to Rent a Car in Japan
Registering or Changing Your Address in Japan
What is Japan My Number Card?
Traffic Rules in Japan
How to Switch your Driver's License to a Japanese License
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