Created for expats living in Japan

Daily Life

Basic information related to Japanese daily life, such as Japanese Food, Shopping, Pets and Money.
Highly Rated Japanese Kitchen Items / Gadgets
Mago wa Yasashii: Japanese Key to Healthy Eating
English-Speaking Gas and Electricty Supplier in Tokyo
How to Plant and Grow Rice
Free English Websites for Japanese Food Recipes
Japan Post Office Tips: Finding your Way
How to use Japanese High-Tech Toilets
Japanese Dashi Soup: What It Is and How to Make It
International Parcel Services In Japan: The Expat’s Guide
Japanese Mosquito Repellents and Medicine to Stop Itching
How to Pay Utility Bills in Japan
Public Utility Prices in Japan (Electricity, Gas, Water)
8 Japanese Spices and Seasonings to Add to Your Grocery List
How to Read Recycling Symbols on Products in Japan
Japan Courier Services Combine Convenience, Efficiency and Innovation
How to find the right laundry detergent in Japan
Convenience Store Services in Japan
Paying Bills in Japan Conveniently: A Simple Guide
Food Culture Differences Between Kanto and Kansai
Mail Forwarding in Japan: Domestic and International Options
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