Created for expats living in Japan


Information about driving, cycling, catching a taxi, and other transport services in Japan for foreigners living in Japan.

How to Renew Your Japanese Driving License
Where can you charge your electric vehicle (EV)? How can you charge it at home?
Public Transportation in Japan
Japanese Trains Demystified: Taming Tokyo’s Complex Sytems
Leasing Cars in Japan
Buying New / Used Cars in Japan
How to Rent a Car in Japan
Turn Your iPhone or Android into a Mobile Suica/PASMO IC Card
IC Cards in Japan: Traveling with Suica, PASMO, ICOCA and More
English speaking car dealers in Japan
Drivers License in Japan
How to Switch your Driver's License to a Japanese License
Japanese Driver's License Classifications & Their Meanings
Driving on Japan’s Highways and Toll Roads
Japan Traffic Violations: Demerit Point System & Ticket Colors
Parking in Japan: What to Know before Getting on the Road
Driving Stickers in Japand
English-Speaking Chauffeur Service Providers in Tokyo
Gas Stations in Japan - How to fill up
Traffic Rules in Japan
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