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Information on Japanese cuisine, drinks, Japanese food, recipes, food labels, healthy food, and other food-related topics for foreigners living in Japan.

50+ Ways to Say Meat in Japanese: Beef, Pork, Chicken & More
10 Delicious Fruit Toast Recipes
Mago wa Yasashii: Japanese Key to Healthy Eating
How to Plant and Grow Rice
Free English Websites for Japanese Food Recipes
Japanese Dashi Soup: What It Is and How to Make It
8 Japanese Spices and Seasonings to Add to Your Grocery List
Food Culture Differences Between Kanto and Kansai
Wagashi: The World of Traditional Japanese Sweets
What is wasanbon (sugar) and how do you use it in Japan?
A Closer Look at Dagashi: Japan’s Nostalgic Sweets
What Is Japanese Seaweed? A Guide to Japan's Essential Ingredient
What Is Tsukemono? A Guide to Japan's Essential Side Dish
What Is Miso? A Guide to Japan's Essential Ingredient
What is Shojin Buddhist Cuisine? Try it at Minobusan
What to Know about Japanese Noodles and Etiquette
Reading food expiration dates in Japan
Pick the right fish for your dish - How to read seafood labels in Japan
Food Additives in Japan: Everything You Need to Know
How to Read Japanese Nutrition Labels
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