Created for expats living in Japan

Health and Safety

Beauty, Medical, Health, Emergency Information for foreign residents in Japan, including English-speaking hospitals, emergency preparedness in the event of illness or natural disaster, and English-speaking beauty salons.


The “True Beauty” of Hair
English-Speaking Hospitals in Japan
English-Friendly Massage Therapists & Chiropractors in Tokyo
English-speaking Hair-salons in Kyoto
English Speaking Psychiatrists, Therapists, and Psychologists in Tokyo
English-Speaking Dentists in Tokyo
English-speaking Dentists in Yokohama
English-Speaking Dentists in Nagoya
English-speaking Dentists in Osaka
English-Speaking Dentists in Kobe
Emergency Telephone Numbers in Japan
Health Care in Japan
Japan Health Check
English Speaking Ophthalmologists in Tokyo and Yokohama
English-speaking Nail Salons in Tokyo
Nail-Salons in Kobe, Hyogo
English-Speaking Plastic Surgeons in Tokyo
English-speaking Hair-salons in Tokyo
English-speaking Hair-salons in Yokohama
English-speaking Hair-salons in Aichi
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